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Landscaping Portfolio

Please take a moment to browse through our photo galleries to see a sampling of recent projects by Gardenz in the metro Denver area and surrounding communities along the Colorado front-range.

Garden Installations

Need a new garden layout, have a specific problem area or are starting a new project? Our team transformed these spaces into captivating gardens by removing the existing sod and plants to create visually appealing gardens. With the installation of natural structures and the use of water wise plants & trees we have created a natural landscape that nurtures the environment.

Spring Garden Installation Backyard Garden Installation Complete Garden Installation Colorfull Garden Installation Flowerbed Installation

Dry Stream Beds

Looking for a way to add visual impact to your garden? Adding a Dry Steam Bed is an attractive and practical addition to any space. Mimicking natural watercourse they can help reduce erosion, correct drainage, and direct run off helping to minimize water use while creating a visually pleasing addition to your garden space.

Dry Stream Bed Dry Stream Bed Directing Water Run Off Dry Stream Bed Directing Water Run Off Dry Stream Bed Dry Stream Bed

Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal is one of the simplest changes that can be done to add value to a home. The real challenge can come with finding a design inspiration that works for your home and the neighborhood. We are here to will help you find that harmony and transform your space into the envy of the neighborhood.

Curb Appeal - Entry Walkway Curb Appeal - Entry Landscaping Curb Appeal - Side Garden Curb Appeal - Easment Curb Appeal - Xeriscape Garden

Natural Structures

The installation of natural structures to your garden using stone and rocks can make a big impact adding a long lasting elegance to your design. Using these natural elements to create ponds, walls, pathways and other structures help to promote a harmonious flow with nature and your garden.

Stone Wall with Flower Garden Natrual Pond and Garden Custom Pathway Stone Terrace Stone Pathway

Special Gardens & Spaces

A great way to add to your garden space is to create special gardens along with spaces that reflect your personality and interests. Take traditional gardening to the next level by incorporating unique inspiration such as Rock or Zen gardens, gardens designed to attract specific species, or create a summer oasis with a shade garden. We will help you develop and implement your ideas into your landscape design.

Custom Butterfly Garden Summer Shade Garden Zen Garden Zen Garden Summer Oasis
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