March in the Rockies!

March in the Rockies!

Springtime in the Rockies is usually a roller-coaster ride of nice days with warmer temps and colder days that bring heavy snows.

bridge in snow - d wingerAnd March, as we all know, tends to be the snowiest month. For many plants, this transition time into spring can be the most challenging time of year.  Snowfalls from this point forward tend to pack more moisture, and that added weight is more stressful on plant material.
Here are some coping strategies to help your plants

Damp snow will cling to every branch and twig gently shake snow from the tree.

Any branch that has been broken by the weather – and this includes trees – should be pruned back.  Those rips and breaks are an open invitation to pests and disease of all kinds.

Broken and bent grasses won’t bounce back to their upright shape, so they should be cut back.  Cutting these plants back after March snowfall is actually good timing since new green shoots will start emerging soon and it’s best to have old growth well out of the way before new shoots emerge.