Habitat Hero Garden Award Winner

2014 Habitat Hero Winner ~ Peacock Yard, Lakewood, CO, designed by Gardenz


2014 Habitat Hero Winner ~ Peacock Yard, Lakewood, CO, designed by Gardenz
Waterwise front yard of pollinator and songbird food plants replaced scruffy lawn and aging pfizer junipers; backyard is a watered wildlife oasis.












As the 2014 Habitat Hero award-winning gardens demonstrate, wildscapes are as different as the gardeners and designers who create them. They can be formal gardens, meadow-style expanses, flower-filled cottage borders, or natural landscapes. Whatever the style, a wildscape is based on five simple principles:

  • Create diverse layers and shelter
  • Grow natural food
  • Provide water for drinking and bathing
  • Control invasive species
  • Conserve water, energy and chemical use.

For more information check out the:

2014 HH award releaseBe a Habitat Hero! Wildscape for the Birds… a project of Audubon Rockies

Their Mission: Grow a network of habitat for songbirds and pollinators in gardens across the Rocky Mountains and beyond, save water for our streams and rivers, and restore our joy in nature every day.

Summer Time

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy – so the song goes. School is almost out. Children and adults both are restless, ready for something new. And so are the gardens. Everyone wants color and they want it now.

Living easy doesn’t apply to landscapers this time of year. I can’t believe I am actually writing this instead of doing my billing which is only 3 weeks behind. I did some filing today. I only have about 4 bids to finish. I need to update my work list so the crew knows what is going on. Yet, here I am, spewing forth to those who read about how hard my life is right now. Weeks starting and ending at 7, then on to paperwork. Memorial Day is a week away and everyone wants annuals in and color in their yard. Well, most everyone, because most everyone is not from Colorado.

There were quite a few people surprised by our cold and continuous snow in April, even the first of May. I wasn’t so surprised and have been waiting for this kind of spring for a few years now. The livin’ was easy for the past few springs. This year, we are paying our dues. Four back to back snow storms in April and early May really played havoc on clean ups and mulching. They weren’t those nice light snows we get that blanket our world in softness during the night and melt the next day. No, these were dumps, snow lasting 3 and 4 days. One of those storms didn’t produce a lot of snow, but it sure produced a lot of cold – 5 degrees to be exact. Way below freezing. Trees, shrubs and spring bulbs took a beating. Buds froze as flowers were just popping out. Had the snow materialized, the bulbs would have been protected, but not the trees and shrubs. They thought it was time to spring forth, only to be blasted back to winter and forced now to try producing a second set of leaves, which have not necessarily come yet.

Then the rains started. Lawns are the most green I have seen in ages. Weeds, especially dandelions are prolific. It’s been in the 80′s. Heat and moisture are a perfect combination for weed development, living easy. But we landscapers have donned our raincoats and tried to outlast the pain of wet and cold and soggy boots. We are two and a half weeks behind and Memorial Day is next week. So much for the living is easy.

I’m booked up a month in advance. Sometimes people don’t understand they can’t call and expect the work to happen the next week. That was many years ago for my business. I try to accommodate people when they are having parties, weddings, etc., but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I start to stress because as everyone who knows me knows, I am a Type A, get it done, make it work, kinda girl. At least I know these things about me now that I am old enough to know better. It doesn’t mean I won’t still try to move that mountain anyway. But as I get older I realize that mountain is harder and harder to move and the living ain’t easy anymore.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day, full of color and flowers and barbeque (wish I had some of my brother’s). Don’t forget what Memorial Day is really about. It’s not just the start of summer and the outdoor party season. It’s about honoring those who gave their lives for making the living easy for the rest of us. It’s about remembering a big war that we hope never happens again, any war for that matter. Lest we forget, their livin’ was not easy.