May Freeze


It’s Saturday evening, 6:15. It’s raining outside now. For two days we’ve been warned of rain, snow and freezing temperatures. People are confused. I keep hearing, “It’s May. It’s supposed to be nice out.” I keep thinking “is this your first year in Colorado?”


No one wants to believe that May is a cruel month here. Those people from the midwest keep telling me they put their annuals out in April. I keep telling them they should put their annuals out in June. They scoff at me and laugh. Even fellow landscapers call “Are you planting yet?” “No”, I say, “it’s early May.”


Do I plant in May? Yes. People insist on it and there aren’t enough hours in the day otherwise. Do I put annuals out before Mother’s Day? Certainly not if I can help it. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’ve heard reports of 1-2 inches of snow and 4-8 inches of snow. All of it is believable this time of year. Please, stop insisting your annuals get put in, your sprinkler turned on, your veggies go in.


Today is our AVERAGE last frost date, May 10th. Not THE last frost date, but the average. It’s supposed to get to 24 degrees for a low on Monday night. That’s darn cold and will freeze anything out there. In 2007, our last freeze date was June 8.



I have $3000 worth of annuals in my garage with a heat lamp on. I have more coming on Monday, in a snow storm. I will be ready as soon as Mother Nature allows. She’s not allowing right now.APTOPIX Spring Storm


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