Fall is here now, winter soon to follow

Yellow_Aspen_Leaves,_Fall_Colors_at_Rocky_Mountain_National_Park,_ColoradoI love the sound of leaves still on the tree, fluttering in the breeze; the crunch of the fallen on the path; the geese flying south.

Trees lose their green and gain the yellow gold, red.  The angle of the sun causes long shadows, signaling plants that sleep is coming soon.  Cool nights and cool days tell the vegetables to slow fruiting.  The doorbell rings and goblins appear.

Friday night lights, Saturday tailgates, the end of America’s pastime and the beginning of crunching bodies.

Gnats and other insects have bred for one more generation as the days remained warm.  Walking the lake today I passed through more than one hatch.  The roses are blooming fiercely now with the warm days and cool nights, perfect weather.  Pumpkins and gourds are everywhere.  My favorites are the bumpy ones.  I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte and probably never will, too trendy for my blood.

Fall is here now, winter soon to follow.  The ice starts to freeze, the days get shorter, the flowers are gone.  But for now, we still have color and warmth and a few blooms.

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